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    RAM Install for my ibook
    I have an ibook g4, late 2004 model with 256MB. It is dragging opening programs, freezes often, etc. I figure I could use a RAM boost. Will a 512MB upgrade get me there if I really only do e-mail, itunes and iphoto?

    Can I pop the top and install it myself? I have done it on PCs, but I am a little scared of the mac.


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    its just as easy for mac. i did it in less than five minutes and i had never done it before. Just make sure to purchase the correct kind.
    good luck

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    I just upgraded to 1gb last night. It was much easier than I thought it would be, no more difficult than a PC. I ordered my upgrade from Go for it!


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    check out this website, I've found it REALLY helpfull...

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    I think if you add 512 you will gain a significant amount of power for what you do, although down the line you may want to upgrade again to 1 gig.
    It is very easy to upgrade the ram yourself and instructions come with the ibook, if you still have the documentation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JGruber
    check out this website, I've found it REALLY helpfull...
    That web site was great! Actual photos of how to install--just my speed! Thanks for the tip.

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