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    iBook wi-fi problems! help!

    Anyone know anything about wi-fi on the 1.2ghz iBook g4's?

    I cant pick up the wireless network in college at all....

    The tech dude said the wireless network was the old type.... is that 802.11b?

    Or is there another one?

    Should the iBook work on "b"???

    We use mac filtering..... and my a/c is activate.... it should work.... but it doesnt detect the network at all when I turn on the airport....

    I know for a fact that there is nothing wrong with my airport card because I've used it at a few different locations... the only location that it wont work at is my college.

    No-one at the college seems to be able to help me on this.

    Any help??


    No hope with macstumbler either!


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    Any takers for this one?

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    I work at a University. Most colleges use Mac Computers around campus. Is that the case for your college?
    I'm NOT a computer guru at all. I had our computer tech up at the college put all the needed numbers etc. in my ibook for it to work with the wireless connection up there.
    It still does goofy things like a window will pop up every now and then and say something like "cannot find or no user name found". I just close the lid (put it to sleep and rewake it) and it seems to do fine.
    I'm pretty sure I use 802.11b up there.
    Your computer isn't the problem - it has something to do with the cofiguration with the college.
    Sorry - I'm no help. But when I saw the tech configure my ibook to connect - it seemed very confusing and I could never have done it myself!
    There's got to be someone up at the college that knows Macs and can help you configure it.

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    They dont use macs at all.... I live in ireland... and macs are only starting to become an everyday thing!

    The tech knows absolutely nothing about macs.....


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    Any other suggestions anyone?

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    you think upgrading to tiger would help the problem?

    Im running panther on the iBook at the moment.

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    This should work fine.I think the Airport cards do 802.11g and 802.11b (so B and G )

    However, if they mac filtering, this can be an annoyance. Make sure you gave the uni your WIRELESS MAC. I know a lot of people who see a MAC address and assume it's the one they are looking for, however most laptops have an ethernet port as well as a wireless one, so there will be 2 different MAC addresses.

    Are they using any security such as WEP or passphrases? If not, and they have your MAC address correctly, ask for the SSID of the access point and try clicking "Other" under the airport section and typing the SSID in there. May work as sometimes people set their wireless networks to NOT broadcast the name of the network, so a stranger can't just come along and find it, however, I don't see why they would do this at a college.

    Lastly, just make sure your Airport card can do 802.11b

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    Just to double check, where do I get my mac address?

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