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    Powerbook G4 superdrive problem
    so I went through the drama a few weeks ago with my powerbook going to apple and the moron at the genius bar and all that. Now that i've gotten it back, i have noticed several times that if i dont give my cd a REALLY GOOD FLIP into the slot loading superdrive, that it chews on it for a second then spits it back out. I'm not really thinking about taking it in again, (i cant live without my PB4!) but i just want to know if this is a common problem with superdrives. I mean first my first one just up and swallows my cd and wont eject it no matter what. Now that I have it back, its doing this weird thing with the cd....

    Oh well..could be worse...dead pixels have yet to grace me.


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    Just to add to your post there, i have the same issue with my PB from time to time...its not on every cd but the odd time it will happen. and i find morely on dvd's. I think the issue is that it has a problem either reading the disc or mounting it and just rejects it. When i first opened quark 6 dvd and tried to install that i spent 20 mins sticking this cd in and out and nothing worked...called up tech support and as soon as i got a tech on the line it start working, i asked the tech if this is a common issue, to which i got the standard responce " its not a common issue but yes it does happen from time to time " if its something that is happening everytime..then id think about sending it back but your call

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    Aluminum PowerBook G4. 15.2" SUPAH-drive
    did the samething for my superdrive, but i figured that it was my fault because i was using the wrong format. :/ but yah, hope you aren't doing the same mistake.. haha. yah, i called the genius bar and they were really condescending on me cuz i guess i was supposed to read the manual or something. :/ but yah, they plain out told me.. dvd-r only.. no dvd+r. so after a slight thank you, i hung up.. so their's my story for the day.

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    My superdrive does the same thing. It has quit for the most part. I think it is a combo of two things. 1: The wrong kinda disc. I know, they all look the same and it should just work...but it doesn't. The standards on recordable media are certainly not panned out at this time. and 2: I think you need to break it in a bit. It used to do it to me alot in my first month of use and I havn't had it happen in the last 6 months.

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    i got a PB G4 15" for about a month now (with OS X Panther) and a combo drive (not the superdrive)
    and since about one week it won't read CD's/CDR's/CDRW's anymore, only DVD discs
    if i insert a cd, it chews on it for about 5 seconds and spits it out again, even the install cd for my airport extreme base station
    but dvd's it will accept and read (i tested a few movie DVD's, a self made DVD-R from my university, and the install DVD for OS X that came with the PB)

    wath is wrong here? and how do i fix it? (i'm looking for the tech support email from the shop i bought it, but there contact page on the site is down)

    this is rather unconvenient, because i do want to use my cd writer, and i have a rather large collection of divx on CD that i really want to keep

    (i posted this here because my problem is similar to this one)


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    My brother has a G4, 1ghz and 1 gig of ram. His will read, write all cdr's and cdrw's. It will also read a commerical DVD, but one recorded on a dvd-r it will not read. My G3 reads them just fine. Any suggestions?

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    I've had the same issue on my PBG4. It recently happened with a disk I know was OK. I had a finder window open at the time. When I closed that window and had only the desktop active, the disk mounted fine. Doesn't make technical sense, but it worked for me. I have not had the opportunity to test this.

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    Hello Jason,
    My powerbook had the same problem but it got worse and worse, in the end the drive spins the cd/dvd and then spits it out. It makes some stressed sounds.
    I think I have to buy a new one, because I did the the Pram and power manager reset.

    Can someone advise me what superdrive I should buy?

    Machine Model: PowerBook G4 15" DVI

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    sometimes ill put a cd or dvd in and it wont give it back, at all. ill have to restart it and eject it while my systems booting up

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    Im having the same exact problem... Jason could you fix it?

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    OMG... im surprised this thread is still going. Anyways i wound up getitng it replaced via the genius bar.

    MODS please close this thread

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