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honeydoll 12-12-2013 05:59 PM

MacBook Pro won't boot past blue screen
Hi there! I'm looking for a mac wizard to kindly offer their expertise with something.

I have an old mid-2008 MBP that someone gave me after mine was stolen recently. I migrated over a time machine back up from an external, but now it won't boot past the blue screen. I found out that the reason for this is likely because I did not update the software on the MBP - it was running 10.6 and my back-up is newer - 10.7. I was told I need to wipe the MBP clean and install 10.7 on it. I have no idea how to do this when it won't boot, though. I am not able to take it to an apple store, and I can't afford to hire someone right now, so I'm hoping someone might be able to help! It won't boot in recovery mode, but it does boot in safe mode. I don't understand the difference between them though!

I greatly appreciate any help you all may have,

Thank you!!

honeydoll 12-12-2013 06:00 PM

Right now I have it booted in safe mode. But when I try to log in, it accepts the password, and then goes right back to the login screen with the different accounts. So it won't actually log in. Also for one of the accounts I migrated over, when I try to log in it does not accept the password, which I know is correct. So although it is booted in safe mode, I can't log in. And it won't boot in recovery mode.

chscag 12-12-2013 07:49 PM

Welcome to the Mac Forums!

You were told correct information about having to wipe the drive clean but in order to do that you will need a disk. Since someone gave you the MacBook Pro, I'm assuming that they didn't give you the original disk set that came with it. It's best to order a Snow Leopard DVD disk direct from Apple and boot the machine with it.

Snow Leopard = $19.99

The disk above will allow you to erase the hard drive, install Snow Leopard, update to 10.6.8 and then update to Lion (10.7.X). Once you have Lion installed on the MacBook Pro, you can use the Time Machine backup to recover your data.

Don't worry about safe mode and recovery mode. For now, neither one is going to work for you.

honeydoll 12-12-2013 09:06 PM

Thank you so much for replying! Just before you replied a friend instructed me to do the same thing, and luckily, I had a Mountain Lion install disk! I erased and reinstalled, and am now updating to 10.6.8. How do I update to Lion? Through the APP store? Or does "software update" give me the option?

Also, my friend thought it is possible that my MBP would not upgrade to 10.7, that it could be one that is 32 bit. Do you know how I might find this out?

Thank you!!

bobtomay 12-12-2013 09:19 PM

If you have the ML install disk, which is 10.8 - just install that - the installer will ask if you want to restore from a TM backup - do it then.

Can't update to 10.6.8 from 10.8.

An '08 MBP meets the minimum for 10.8.
Although, you may want to add more RAM depending on how much you have in it.
If it was running fine with Lion (10.7), it should run as well with 10.8.

chscag 12-12-2013 09:50 PM

I think she means she used a Leopard install disk which would be correct since Leopard came with that year model MacBook Pro. There are no Mountain Lion install disks unless she or someone specifically made one from the Mountain Lion installer. :)

honeydoll 12-12-2013 10:07 PM

Yes! I had a Snow Leopard install disk. SO am I stuck in 10.6.8 unless I upgrade to Maverick? If I upgrade to Maverick will I be able to migrate over my 10.7 back-up? Or am I limited to dragging and dropping folders?

Great thanks!

chscag 12-12-2013 11:59 PM

If you upgrade to Mavericks (which is free) your Time Machine backup should work to restore your data. Once Mavericks is installed, open the Migration Assistant application which is located in your Applications, Utilities, folder. The Migration Assistant wizard will ask you how you wish to migrate your data and offer Time Machine as a choice. Attach your Time Machine drive and select Time Machine and then press continue. It may take awhile depending on how much data you have to restore.

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