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    Dec 05, 2013
    Monitor switcher apps
    Guys,,just wondering if mac does have an app to quickly switch the display from my macbook pro to external monitor,,,I do not want to use my notebook display when watching movies,,any help?

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    Dec 05, 2013
    P.S,,by the way I am using macbook pro retina and use HDMI to out the video..

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    Hi - now I'm not using an external monitor nor my HDTV for watching movies so cannot comment on the choices that might be offered in SYSTEM PREFERENCES > DISPLAY once an additional monitor(s) is attached.

    But, the brightness on the computer monitor could be set down or a 'hot corner' could be setup in Mission Control (also in SP) to start a 'blank' screen saver immediately - I'd probably just do the latter. Good luck and let us know your solution. Dave

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    Dec 05, 2013
    Oh,,I can consider that as an option,,but still hoping someday Mac will have that monitor switcher app to ease up my activity

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