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Wuchi 12-10-2013 03:49 PM

Mbp 13 mid 2010 power issue

I'm new here. Possibly this information is allready here somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

So I have problems with my mbp. I got it after it was spilled water on it. I changed the keyboard and cleaned it. It started working. With battery it worked as it should. I didn't have magsafe at this time. Soon the battery needed to be charged. A week ago I bought a 60w magsafe. I connected it to mbp and nothing happened. No lights, nothing.

I disconnected the battery and pressed the powerbutton for ten seconds, while connecting the magsafe and after that pushed the power button again, and it started. This mode has some name, but apparently it is some kind of safe mode that overrides something. The fan is spinning full speed.

So do you have any suggestions, where the problem could be? Faulty dc in board? When battery had power, everything seemed to be fine.

Maybe it's the battery, but why the magsafe isn't showing any lights?
I noticed when I was cleaning the inside that one of the wires going from dc in board to logic board had been damaged mechanically. It looked like it had been stuck under logic board when the screws were tightened (sorry my bad english, hard to explain this). Wires insulation broken and the wire was possibly exposed, possibly the insulation was so thin that the wire could be seen. Or maybe the wire was broken. It was a grey wire. There were few black wires and two grey ones. Maybe it is this that causes problems?

Thank you allready.

chscag 12-10-2013 04:44 PM

Your English is fine. The problem appears to be logic board related which is generally what happens after a spill. I hope you didn't pay very much for the machine or got it for free because replacing a damaged logic board can be expensive.

I suggest going to the ifixit web site and take a look at the removal and take apart instructions for your machine. Perhaps it will help you to figure out if it is the logic board that was damaged.

iFixit: The free repair manual

pigoo3 12-10-2013 04:52 PM

The only way for a 'Do-It-Yourself" person to determine what part(s) are to replace the suspected "bad" part with a "good" part.

In this MBP situation it is fortunate that it has a seperate DC In Board (many newer MBP's do not) you could swap DC In Boards to see if that helps. But (as chscag mentioned with liquid spills) could also be the logic board (expensive). If it is the logic is probably not worth the cost to repair.

- Nick

Wuchi 12-10-2013 05:12 PM

There is a possibility that the logic board is damaged, I know.

But hopefully the problem is in the dc in board. If the logic board is damaged, it is supposedly something that controls the battery charging? The guy I bought it from said that the charger showed dim green light, but with my charger it doesn't show any light. That is why i suspect the dc board wire that is causing the problem, or at least some of it.

The mbp doesn't take the power unless this override mode is on. I think this was not so with the previous owner and dim green light.

I think I'll change the dc board and see what will happen. I'm satisfied if I can get it work with magsafe. Charging the battery would be extra.

Thank you!

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