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    How long will the PB be supported?
    Just about to swicth, but still trying to decide. How long will apple support the software and everything else that is involved with Powerbook? Thanks

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    the powerbook will be supported for quite some time I should think as it runs on PowerPC processor like the PowerMac G5 and a lot of big companies and businesses still use and will use the Powermac G5 into the near future so I don't see Apple just dropping everything PB when the MacBook Pro is on general sale.
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    i dont have no mac's
    my guess is 4-6 years
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    Quote Originally Posted by coach_z
    my guess is 4-6 years
    I feel this is accurate and in which by this time you will probably want a new computer any way, so if you want the powrbook now.. buy it.
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    just because the crappy macbook pros are out.. doesnt mean that they will drop support on pbs. just get the applecare and you'll be fine
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