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question1ng1 12-04-2013 08:47 PM

Why I think I am being hacked
Several reasons:

Often, Safari opens to sites with descriptions of exploits, i.e. Metasploit, LogMeIn, or an article from Wonder How or eHow. I have programs and things downloaded that I did not download like "Clean My Mac", and Clean My Mac 2", Vectorastor", and many files with strange extensions like "plist".

often, I check Netstat and see that things have been "streamed" while my computer is off, or iTunes has been running.

Non User activity in Console is often very active. Team Viewer just appeared!

Pictures show up in my photo stream, and under sharing, I keep turning off the internet sharing properties for firewire, usb, ect, and locking it, and then it turns right back on again!

Am I imagining that I am being hacked? How can I tell for sure? If it is my Psycho Ex, he graduated from MIT. I'd probably never figure it out.

Best Regards and many thanks!


osxx 12-04-2013 08:56 PM

Since you said your X I would disconnect from the internet either by turning wireless off and disconnect the ethernet cable if it applies and change your password for your computer.
Then I would reset Safari and any other browser you might use.
Delete all the programs that are downloaded you did not want and in Safari preferences under general the last box make sure it is not checked which is open upon download.
Then when you reconnect to the internet go to iTunes and change your password.
I think this will have you back to normal since someone else had access to your computer .

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