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    Unhappy Dropped Powerbook-Help
    Hi all, this is my first post and unfortunately it is a sad day for me as i slipped in the snow today; sprained my wrist, but even worse i dropped and landed on my G4 titanium Powerbook.

    Here's the damage i have discovered so far:
    Crumpled the corner where the power adapter plugs in (still works though)
    , also there is no sound at all, I-Tunes will not play any files, and icon displays no bluetooth available (which i have never seen before).

    Anybody know how i can determine the sound problem?
    and is it possible to replace the case, cost?


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    I just did the exact same thing a little over a week ago, but my damage wasn't nearly to the extent of what yours sounds like. I crumpled the corner near the optical drive, and the display shifted so that it wouldn't latch shut. I took it into my local Apple Store in Century City, CA. I gave it to them on Tuesday, and I got it back on Friday looking brand spanking new. Of course, it did cost me $652. They replaced the top and bottom of the case as well as the speakers. It's costly, but it looks frigging great.

    A little word of advice. Be careful if you make inquiries and then decide not to have it fixed. If Apple finds out you dropped it, and you don't let THEM fix it, your AppleCare warranty becomes null and void. And, conversely, if they do fix it, your warranty is reinstated in its entirety.

    Anyway, for me it was well worth the money. $652 is the estimate they gave me in the store, and $652 is what it ended up costing, so I think that's the standard for replacing the case.

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