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Thread: viewing photos in iPhone in laptop

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    viewing photos in iPhone in laptop
    I find it so so stupid that on the mac you can't view photos in iPhone on a computer.. the only way I can see them is by opening Preview and doing "import..." but I need to see INFO, i.e, ON WHAT DATE photo was taken.... my iPhone recently messed up my photo album... they're no longer in chronological order, and photos I removed are appearing again.. how do I figure out -- without downloading them to a computer -- on what date they were taken?

    I can't for the life of me understand why I can't see photos iPhone -- or in my Nikon camera -- on a mac computer... can't see them in Finder, on Adobe Bridge, etc.. really really stupid.. I don't know what those folks were thinking.... (can't see them in iTunes either...)

    on a windows machine you can see them on a folder just like files from external hard drive and such... why on earth didn't the folks at Apple think of this... very very stupid, and impractical, and annoying.....

    is there a way at all I can view meta info for photos in iPhone on my my MackBook Pro?

    thank you......

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    Well, there are a number of options but let me just mention the one I use w/ my iPad 2 (same iOS so should work w/ the iPhone). First, cable the device to your Mac computer; second, open up 'Image Capture' (should be in your 'Other' folder in Launchpad) - all of the photos on your phone should be shown - see attached pic of my iPad attached to my MBPro; NOW, I cannot guarantee that you can view the information data w/ this method, but let us know if this helps? If not, post back for other suggestions. Dave
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