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    Exclamation Apple Store Lost/Gave/got stolen from, MBP 15" Retina
    Hi, I recently had those customer service review emails from apple after my visit, and i sent this. It also outlines what happened, They basically gave my machine to someone who was not me 2 hours before i had my appointment but they lead me to believe someone stole my identity though they have not confirmed nor denied this.

    I have went through everything on my side 100 times and cannot find any reason for this on my side, however looks like mistake on their side, they have since replaced my machine, 24 days after giving it to them with a machine of same spec but double the storage. Kind gesture but has caused more damage to me than the worth of the storage.

    Please can anyone advise me on what i should really do? would be very much appreciated Thanks.:confused:

    "I gave my machine in one the 2/11/13, after 8 days I was told to pick up my machine as some of the issues where resolved. I came to pick up my machine in the following week due to exams, on the day of pickup my machine had been given to someone else, which resulted in me spending 4 hours in store arguing my case with the in store managers, who at the time were very unhelpful and treated me as if I was the perpetrator and not the victim. Overall this caused me to have a schizophrenic episode in store which was traumatic however which I kept under control, I suffer from schizophrenia. This whole incident lead me to mess up my plans for the weekend i.e. Design project completion for deadline on Monday, and my mental health for over a week, miss valuable lectures, etc.

    After 24 days of handing in my machine I was told to come in and pick up a replacement which was a new machine with the same specifications with double the amount of storage, while this was kind gesture of good will, I have relapsed in my mental health which was caused by the stress of this incident in store and the dealings of the managers (I had not had an episode for over a year), missed important project deadlines as result of this triggered illness, endured emotional and traumatic stress, and incurred in extra loss of pocket due to extra unnecessary travel.

    As a loyal apple customer I have been buying your products for many years now since I left PC behind, I have purchased 3 notebooks, various iPhones since using your products and referred many of my friends and family. I have been utterly disappointed in your handling of this incident; it has been the worst experience of my life in relation to customer service! I am paranoid now as you also lead me to believe my details were used to get my machine, I have looked in to this and this was not the case, it seems to be mistake on your side, yet you have not offered any closure to date so I can set my worries aside.

    I understand that this information is somewhat sensitive and is questionable, therefore am going to contact Apple headquarters myself by, email, phone, and Letter and send in evidence from my school, doctor, mental health advisor, and the special team of mental health professionals who have been having to keep constant tabs on me since this incident."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karnaq View Post
    Please can anyone advise me on what i should really do? would be very much appreciated Thanks.:confused:
    This is something you need to remedy with Apple. Mac-Forums is not affiliated with Apple.

    - Nick
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