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    Non-retina Keyboard freeze?
    I have a 2013 non-retina MPB 13". I am running 10.9 Mavericks, have an internal SSD loaded with the OS in the primary HD spot, stock HHD in the optical spot, and 16gb ram.
    So, That's my setup.

    Now onto my issue..... I went to use the computer today and my keybpard was unresponsive. i could move the arrow around using the trackpad, but could not click on anything, keyboard was useless.

    I read about the non-responsive keyboard issues and the apple fix for retina-pros. My computer however, is non-retina. I ran disk verify, repair permissions. All was good. I did the close the lid for a minute fix and now i am up and running again.

    Anyone have any idea how to address this issue on a non-retina macbook?

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    Try both a SMC and NVRAM reset. If that doesn't get things working again, take the machine to Apple or have AAFEES do it for you if you purchased the machine in the base exchange.

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