Hi all,

I'm trying to create a scatter chart in Excel 2011, which has time along the X axis. My data are in minutes and seconds (e.g. 20:47). When I create the chart, the axis shows a very random division of the units (00:00, 02:53, 05:46, 08:38 ... 23:02). This obviously makes no sense at all (at least to a human!) and looks terrible.

I can't work out how to change it, as the options box (Format Axis / Scale) is in different units. The minimum is set to 0.0, the maximum to 0.016, the major unit is 0.0002, and the minor unit at 0.0004.

I have tried using both "time" and "custom" in the number category, with the custom being mm:ss, but neither makes any difference.

Ideally, the axis would go from 05:00 to 25:00 (mm:ss), and would be marked every 5 mins. Is this too much to ask???

BTW, I realise that I could fix this by just using seconds as my unit on the axis, but I don't think this is very meaningful to folks in the humanities (my subject area), so I'd really rather be able to work in minutes and seconds if that's possible.

Thank you!