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    13" retina - Upgrade RAM or CPU or neither?
    I'm tempted by $90 upgrade . . . this seems good to me . . . I'm not willing to double or (but happy to do) nothing.

    I mainly bog things down by running Adobe CS5.5 (illustrator, indesign, photoshop all at once) and maybe a bit of spotify at the same time. the imac obviously doesn't care (sometimes I'll even dual boot to run solidworks at the same time)

    Its unlikely i'll move to subscription adobe (because I've already sunk the dollars into CS5.5)

    Thoughts? Is it worth it to toss $90 at ram without hitting the 2.6GHZ upgrade? is the opposite a better move? should I just hold off? this MBA is like the little engine that could, but it mostly can't (but is quicker than running home to make tweaks or hauling my iMac out to case competitions.)

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    Since the retina machines are not upgradeable once you buy them, it makes sense to pre-order one with whatever upgrades you can afford. If I had to make a choice between more memory and a faster CPU, I would opt for more memory. You won't notice the speed increase with a faster CPU whereas more memory will make a big difference especially when you're running CS 5.5.

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    100% agree with "chscag". if you can only do one...and you run ram hungry Adobe apps a lot...get the ram upgrade.

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