Until a few weeks ago, before a couple of OS 10.9 updates, including two itunes updates, i could pause and restart digitally recorded interviews imported to itunes, necessary for transcribing notes and quotes. Now, when I pause either with the pause arrow in itunes or with the f8 key, the recording jumps ahead one or two seconds, and i miss key words and have to go back. does anyone have a fix for this? I've spent aobut three hours on the phone with apple techs over the last several days, and they are clueless about this problem. Nevertheless, several others have noted the same issue. macpro 15" retina display, one year old. itunes 11.1.3 (8). HELP. I hve wasted way too much time on this. it's really affecting my work. Thanks. also, i dug out an older laptop that uses an older version of itunes, and the audio does not skip, so i know this is an issue with the itunes updates.

what i'd really like is to have the recording restart about one second back, not one or two seconds ahead. and that way i am sure not to miss a crucial syllable or god forbid, a "not." i am a medical writer and syllables in my line of work are critical.