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    Hello, I hope that someone can help me getting started.
    I've had my mac book pro for a little over a year now, but didn't do much with it. Used Numbers and Pages apps and like them, at least once I got used to them. However, everything takes so long.
    Now I'd like to design a business card for my small business, and I can't find an app for that besides pages. (What you can do as far as business cards goes with pages is so limited.) Is there a manual or book that I can read to help me find the features that could help me (not only with bus cards, but to figure out this mac). Really don't have time for going to a class.

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    Hello Sonja... - welcome to the forum! First, have you upgraded to Mavericks (i.e. OS 10.9) and also the newest version of the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, & Keynote)? If not then, you probably should - a search here (or on the web) will help in planning & performing this transition.

    Pages (v. 5) is new and offers plenty of template options, including a variety of business cards (see the attached pic of my Pages app opened w/ the cards showing). As to learning more about your MBPro, Mavericks, and/or iWork/Pages, just go to Amazon and type in each of those terms separately - there are plenty of books (many in Kindle editions) that can help - I've purchased probably a half dozen since March (when I bought my MBPro) - plenty of reviews there, but I could make some recommendations if you want? Dave
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