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    Nov 18, 2013
    Lightbulb 2013 rMBP change dedicated Graphics RAM
    Just a quick question, I know that the new rMBP with the intel iris pro has 1GB dedicated RAM that is shared with the systems RAM.. so I was thinking, if this could be changed to say 2GB wouldn't that make a difference to the graphics performance without hardly affecting the system?

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    RAM quantity does not make a difference to graphics performance.

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    Nov 18, 2013
    so would there be any gains of increasing the VRAM?

    so if you had to 2 graphics cards for example same GPU except one has 1GB RAM and the other has 2GB RAM there wouldn't be a difference between them?

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    You may be able to change the amount of "shared" system memory that your GPU can use but you cannot increase the amount of dedicated GDDR5 memory above the 1GB your GPU currently has. What applications are you currently running that you feel need a performance boost?

    Edit-GPU's in Apple machines (the only exception is the Pro) are soldered to the logic board and are not end-user upgradeable.
    In hindsight I see you were referring to Iris and not a discrete card. My experience is primarily with discrete cards and may be incorrect in regards to your question.

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    Nov 18, 2013
    I have the newest 15'' retina macbook pro with 16GB system memory and I know that the iris pro is allocated 1GB of that memory if i'm correct? so if there was a way to increase this allocation somehow would there be any benefits? or have I got the wrong idea?

    I mainly use it to run Solidworks CAD program

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    The Intel Iris Pro is not a dedicated GPU in that it borrows or allocates system memory up to 1 GB as needed. And since you can not add any more dedicated system memory to your retina machine, that is the amount of memory it will use. As far as I'm aware, you can not increase the amount of memory the Iris Pro will allocate. However, there may be some enterprising developer who will come out with an utility in the future which can do just that.

    Taking all that into account, the Iris Pro is a very fast integrated GPU and actually out performs some dedicated GPUs so I would think you should get satisfactory results when running the CAD program on your new rMBP.

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