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    Floppy screen issue
    Hey everyone,
    The symptoms of my problem are kind of complicated to explain so I'm putting a link to a little demo video of what it does. I have a PB G4, Al, 1.33mhz, and for as long as I've had it (about a year and a half) the screen hasn't moved correctly (i.e. opening and closing, or just adjusting the tilt angle). I think the technical term for this problem is "Floppy Screen." But seriously, is it bad hinges or something? Any insight will be greatly appreciated. (hi-res, 10mb) (low-res, 1mb)

    You should also be able to hear, over the music, a low clicking sound a couple of times when I try to move the screen.

    Thanks in advance!

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    That's the way it should go. My PowerBook has been like that since I purchased it...
    I'd use Windows... but I like the Mac OS more.

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    doesnt look like anythings wrong.. ever since i got my ibook i thought it was a bit floppy at first then i never noticed it.

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    Oh, okay. Well I guess I have a follow-up then. My sister got a 17" PB a few monts ago, and when I move the screen on that one, it moves very smoothly and with very little pressure, but stays exactly where you want to, and isn't "floppy" like mine at all (which is why I assumed mine had a problem). Are the 17" screen characteristics just different from the 15"? Also, does your guys' screen make that low clicking noise as well?


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