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    MacBook screen is freaking out
    All of a suddent, it goes black with white, flickering horizontal lines. I have a picture to show (attached). Need to know what's going on and how to fix it. Thank you.
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    Could be a number of things. But first thought would be a worn video cable.

    - Nick
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    Quote Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
    Could be a number of things. But first thought would be a worn video cable.

    - Nick

    Here are some test options...
    Reboot the computer, and immediately do a PRAM reset (hold COMMAND+OPT+P+R) and keep holding till the computer "chimes" 4x.

    Then let go.

    when it comes up to desktop is it clean?

    If so, it probably is not going to happen again. but i'm guessing this isn't going to fix it.....

    If not, reboot, then hold OPT down.. it'll come up to the option boot window.

    IF at the option boot window, it's STILL got fuzzy junk, then it's definitely a hardware issue.

    If still fuzzy, i'm thinking it's a bad LCD, not a bad harness. OR it could possibly be the controller on the logic board..

    bad harnesses don't generally do segmented sections like this.

    (honestly i've seen/fixed 100's if not THOUSANDS of these A1181s, and I've never seen this exact image before)..

    This is similar imagery to bad VRAM. however the A1181 uses non-discreet GPU, meaning the RAM also functions as VRAM (which kinda stinks but that's what it is)...

    In this case, IF the 2 options above dont fix it, then..

    1. try swapping RAM out (or take 1 pc out and try with first one in the left slot only), then stick the other in (left slot only).
    2. put only one pc of RAM in the right slot and try again.
    (there is a known instnce on that machine where the right slot can fail due to stress cracks on older systems).. if that happens, SOMETIMES weird stuff happens like your pic.....
    3. if the machine WON"T boot with ram only in the right slot, then it's not the RAM, it's your logic board.. you can buy a 2gb for the left slot only and that'll likely solve it.
    4. it is also remotely possible that the issue is the LCD panel itself. i'm a bit doubtful, just purely based on personal experience...

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