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crysisriz 11-12-2013 12:21 AM

Looking for Calibrated Presets from Spyder4 for Macbook pro 15
Just downgraded from a Retina 15" since i really wanted the option to expand in the future, and wasnt to happy with the Faulty Display it came with. Bought a standard unibody Macbook pro 15 instead and would like a professionally calibrated preset for the Panel. Preferably through Spyder4 Calibration tool.

techiesteve 11-12-2013 04:00 AM

If you require a display profile for on screen accuracy it should be generated on your MacBook Pro. This is due to tolerances in the spec of the LCD. Additionally, it is best to recalibrate at regular periods. The Spyder4 software has an option to set recalibration reminders. In reality, this changes very little with modern LCD's, unlike older CRT displays that would drift quite quickly. Some of the options are to buy a Spyder4, if you are a member of a photographic club they often have a similar device for the use by members, or pay a consultant to generate the display profile.

Before going down the calibration path, are you working professionally where your clients expect accuracy, or as a serious photographer where colour accuracy in projected images (PDI) is required? If not Apple displays generate quite good accuracy other than being too vivid and bright. Do you really need a calibrated display?

Have a look at this pdf download covering all aspects of colour accuracy and calibration, it's quite informative.

crysisriz 11-12-2013 04:52 AM

Well the screen Quality isn't that bad actually, however i did notice the whites are a little blueish and slightly off white compared to my previous 15" unibody, and my 13" Air, which for some reason has amazing colours and produces milky whites. Im not doing any professional work at the moment, however I do photography as a hobby and currently in the process of building a Portfolio Webpage. Often i do my editing on an External Dell Ultra-sharp IPS display(which has very nice colours) I do plan on purchasing the Spyder4 in the near future, but for the meantime just wanted to try out a few calibrated presets and compare them with mine to see which results i prefer.

techiesteve 11-12-2013 05:49 AM

I see what you are aiming for. BTW, the Dell Ultra-sharp IPS panel displays are very good for their price, I use one too. When you calibrate that later it will change, but not much.

If you produce your own prints, having dedicated profiles for each paper you use will make a bigger difference than with calibrating the display. They can be produced economically for you without owning the hardware yourself. Of course, its best to work within a total colour calibrated workflow.

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