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Thread: Only Getting 5 - 6 Hours at MOST from October, 2013 MacBook Pro :(

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    Nov 05, 2013
    Angry Only Getting 5 - 6 Hours at MOST from October, 2013 MacBook Pro :(
    Just bought my first Mac. I got the 13" rMBP.. the $1,500 one with the i5 processor and 256 GB SSD.

    Now I would not be that disappointed if Apple didn't specifically list "9 hours" of battery life for this device.

    I have tried keeping screen brightness at 50% and I next just turned on "automatic" screen brightness. But no matter what I do I just can't seem to get over 6 hours.. has been the record so far. I barely even get to 5 hours after fully charging the computer.

    The only thing I'm plugging into the USB ports is a mouse.. but I find I get the same battery life regardless of the mouse. Just want to clarify that. And I also have Bluetooth off. And I am not running any unnecessary programs and I have the volume turned low. I am primarily using the laptop for e-mail, web browsing, and the occasional mp3.

    Did I get a defective unit? Or are other people having the same issues? Is this normal with MBPs? So many questions.. Any tips to help me try to improve battery life.

    Thanks for any help. I really want to love this computer and right now I love everything else, except for the battery life I'm getting.

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    not too surprising.. what stuff do you have running in background? what apps did you setup to auto start?

    There are a gazillion options to save power.

    BUT.. if it bothers you enough, take it back to an apple store and make it their problem - - they "told you" it'd get 9hrs....

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