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    Macbook Retina sometimes wont turn on, randomly turns off and screen flickers
    I bought a 13 inch Macbook Pro retina back in February. Over the last couple of months there has been a few issues which are starting to annoy me.

    Sometimes it will not turn on at all and I have to do an SMC reset to get it to power on.

    Sometimes when it is on, it just randomly turns off, even though it has plenty of battery.

    Sometimes the screen flickers like theres a problem with the graphics.

    I have sent it off to Apple and they send it back saying they couldn't find any issues with it and turned it on after an SMC reset.

    Any ideas what this could be? I am going to send it off to Apple again, but I cannot risk them sending it back, saying there is no fault & then it not turning on for 2 days again, as I use it for work.

    Thanks in advance

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    Make sure when you contact Apple again that you elevate the problem up to a higher level of support, and then explain the situation. Also, document everything that goes on between you and Apple. Keep all correspondence.

    Sorry I can't be of any help with that problem. The only advice I have is that since it's still covered by Apple Care is to let Apple deal with it.

    Good luck with it and let us know how it went.

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