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    Your recommendations?
    I have carbonate as my present back up but am thinking of changing due to recurring issues they seem to have with Macs. Do any of you have a recommendation for a Mac friendly online backup company?

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    Hello Marty - first, I hope that you are also using 'Time Machine' as your primary backup? On my iMac I have TM running on an 1 TB external HD plus also using Carbonite - we've had no problems w/ the service, so just curious what your issues may be? Also, as you likely already know, Carbonite only stores your 'personal' files (shown in the pic below) - not the apps, system files, etc. thus not a complete BU of your computer.

    I don't have another online recommendation @ the moment but will be curious about others' responses regarding issues w/ Carbonite on OS X and also other suggestions - good luck! Dave

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