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    blocking internet of MAC
    How can I modify my daughter's MAC so that it will not connect to the internet, but still allow all non-internet functions. She is a college student and Facebook and the internet games are severely interfering with her college work. Please help. Thanks.

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    If you are running OS X, there is the standard functionality called " Parental Controls ".
    It may, or may not be , what you are looking for.

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    Not sure there is a great way to dothis to a college student for the following reasons:

    1. Some means of blocking Internet traffic would stop access completely. That's not good since it would impede legitimate academic use of the net.
    2. Chances are she, or someone she knows, can circumvent many of the methods. Even parental controls are not helpful if she has sufficient access to create a new account.
    3. If she has access to other devices she will likely just use those devices for access,

    The solutions also depend in part on whether she is living at home or at the university.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slydude View Post
    That's not good since it would impede legitimate academic use of the net.
    This. You can't be a university student anymore without internet access - journal articles, assignments, online course management systems, etc. are all online. Crippling an internet connection is akin (in some respects) to taking away a university student's pen/pencil during an exam.

    I'm sure this isn't the answer you want but the solution here is social, not technical. You need to talk to your daughter and impress upon her the urgency and severity of this issue. That or she learns by doing (not well). That last option isn't the best and should be avoided (I know because I lived it in first year) so perhaps start with the first one so as to prevent the latter from becoming the only solution.
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