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permanentchange 11-03-2013 10:01 AM

Which should I buy for Graphic Design, 13 inch or 15 inch (Late 2013)
Hi! I'm in the market for a new laptop and after doing research for a month+ I've decided to go with a MacBook Pro (my first). The thing is, even after all my research (I've practically scoured the whole web), I can't figure out whether it's better for me to get the mid spec (2.4ghz/8gb/256gb) 13 inch rMBP, the low end 15 inch rmbp (2.0ghz/8gb/256gb), or the top spec 15 inch rMBP (2.3ghz/16gb/512gb). If I get the mid spec 13 inch or the low end 15 inch, I will spring for the 16gb upgrade.

I was wondering if I could get the community's advice as to what is best suited for my needs. I'm thinking the 13 inch will be okay for me but I'm worried about the GPU not being able to handle what I need to do. I'm willing to spend the money for the $2599 model if I must, but if I don't need to spend that much on it, then I'd be happier. I don't want to spend on a laptop that's way more than what I need.

256gb space is more than enough for me, so ssd size is not a consideration.

Here is how I'll use it:
- (Most probably multitasking these all at the same time)
- Skype/Facetime/Instant Messengers
- Web browsing (most commonly with around 30-40 tabs at a time)
- Heavy Adobe Photoshop-10 hours 5 days a week (sometimes I also use Illustrator and Flash)
- Video editing here and there (maybe once or twice weekly)
- Streaming video/music OR playing music/video via iTunes or VLC
- Some downloading here and there
- Rarely, I'll also use it for word processing

I do a little gaming here and there, but most likely I'll only be playing Diablo III, Path of Exile, and Sims 3 (or 4 when it comes out), so I do need a computer that can handle it.

- I work at home so I'm not too concerned with the lessened portability of the 15 inch. I DO NOT want an iMac, please do not suggest that to me!
- I'm on my computer almost 18 hours a day and will need a computer that can keep up
- I'd like for the laptop to last me at least 4 years, since it's a big spend

Thank you!

chscag 11-03-2013 08:58 PM

My quick suggestion: Go for the $2599.00 15" rMBP. Since that's going to be your money making machine, buy the best you can afford. Load it up with memory and a large enough flash drive to last you for some years to come. And don't forget to buy Apple Care! It's a must for any non upgradeable retina machine.

BTW, you might not like what I'm going to say... but I'll say it anyway.... you really need the top of the line iMac 27" machine! It'll run circles around that rMBP and give you more bang for your buck. But it is after all your bucks. ;) :$

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