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wildwobby 02-10-2006 10:44 PM

Which fits my needs best

I used to build my own PCs at home. But I've decided i'm fed up with microsoft, and really do like apple's OS. So, I decied, if i was going to make a change in operating systems. Now was the time. I have decided on a Mac Book Pro. As you could imagine switching was a big decision for me!

Anyways, I am a photographer (not pro) but own a Canon 20D DSLR. So I do run photoshop with big files.... sometimes in excess of 100Mbs (ones with a lot of layers... or 32bit). But for the most part they are 5-20 Mbs. I use photoshop CS2 and know that it will work emulated until "CS2" most probably.

So on to physical hardware.

A1) Is the 1.83GHZ a big advantage over 1.67GHZ?

A2) Is it worth it?

B) If i were to go with the 1.83, should I have 1gb (512x2), or just one stick. I know that in PCs, sometimes two sticks are better because they can dual-channel. Does this apply to Macs too? Or would 1Gb be enough probably through out the ownership of this macbook pro.

C) How is the color? This question is more aimed at other photographers, but, are the colors on the screen preaty accurate?

Any other info is appreciated!


TTheInfamous1 02-10-2006 11:51 PM

Wait a bit on the MacBook Pros. Not the best thing for Photographers.
If you process your photos digitally and use PhotoShop CS2 I wouldn't bother one bit with a MacBook Pro. Although emulated through Rosetta (sp) it will be extremely slow to do many simple tasks in PSCS2. In my opinion I would really hold off on the MacBook Pro until later versions. Or go for another type of Mac.

Adobe will not be making a "Universal" version either. They're going to wait until they're ready to release a new version.

There's an article in the latest (March) Macworld magazine titled "The Intel Mac FAQ" which may be helpful. I would check that out.

This link is helpful: Also research it a bit more before you are dead set and do pick up the MacBook Pro.

As for colors, I can not tell you what they are like on the MacBook Pro. But I can tell you on my Dual PowerMac G5 and its 20 inch Cinema Display. And to be completely honest and straight forward... It looks great. When Im working on photos I can distinguish and blemishes, bad colors in photos and anything like that easily. Most of my work is done in RAW as I do a lot or architectural photography. But I'm very pleased with the colors in the display.

Just trying to give you some helpful advice. Hope it does help some.

wildwobby 02-10-2006 11:55 PM

yes i understand it will be slower. But a couple extra seconds wont hurt me. Im in not rush to get pictures edited REALLY fast. And I can wait until early 2007 for the next version. It is not like PS is the only thing I will use it for!

Anyways, thanks for the link, and im still awaiting answers to my other questions.

EDIT: Also, it looks like its only the saving, and stuff like that that is slow, filters are about the same as the G4 powerbook, and then actions run faster. So....

TTheInfamous1 02-11-2006 12:04 AM

Okie Dokie.. Was just giving some advice.

Originally Posted by wildwobby
I can wait until early 2007 for the next version.

Then that's your best bet... Just hold off until v.2 or maybe even 3 of the MacBook Pro. Let them work all the kinks out of it first.

Well.. good luck to ya!

wildwobby 02-11-2006 12:14 AM

ok, sounds good! When is v.2 or.3 expected? Is there an RSS feed that can gimme all anouncements from apple like that?

thelox714 02-11-2006 12:55 AM

i agree on the software issue 100%.. if you really look at the macbook pro and the 17 inch powerbook.. i would go with the powerbook

macbook pro only has single layer superdrive
only has a firewire 400 port
needs universal software to run natively.
has not been really tested in real-world settings

powerbooks have dual layer superdrives
15 and 17 inch models have firewire 400 and firewire 800
no need for universal software.. so no wait for it.
has been used by many many happy people..

just my thought..

wildwobby 02-11-2006 01:15 AM


but for me:
I would never burn DL anyways, the disks are more than 5X expensive, so, id rather just have 2 single layer dvds at the same price anyways! I doubt I would ever have a user for fire wire 800. the only use for the 400 is my ipod, but that could run on USB also. The universal stuff I agree on, I am not purchasing it now anyways. I will purchace it anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months from now probably. Photoshop is the only thing right now that I need that is not universal, but it will be universal soon enough anyways, a couple extra seconds of loading for photoshop filters wont hurt me, especially with the gain of all the other speed I will have.

So, I mean, photoshop isnt less powerful, it is just slower for a couple months until CS3. Cost isnt an issue for purchasing Photoshop or the upgrades, becasue Canon SLR users get the FULL version for $299, and the upgrade for even less I think.
Soo... its not THAT bad...

TTheInfamous1 02-11-2006 03:26 AM

How are Canon SLR users getting Photoshop Full versions for $299.00. I'm very interested to know this information.

Photoshop CS "3" might not come out for some time. And a second or third version of the MacBook Pro won't be out for a much more time than CS3.

Also, its not just filters that load slow. There's quite a few processes that are slower while running with Rosetta.

Dual Layer burning comes in handy more than I thought. Even though my Super Drive wasn't dual layer in the first place (flashed my firmware to make it DL). I'm happy I did t too. Burns faster and I can burn dual DL discs. Comes in handy quite a bit. Especially when I do not want to sacrifice a great movie because of compression. Just my thoughts on it anyway.

Have you thought about any other Mac options that are available? There's quite a few out there for your needs. Not just a MacBook Pro. If you're going to invest that much money on a product. Wouldn't you want it to be exactly what you expect it to be and do?

Really though, if you want the MacBook Pro then go for it. We're just giving you our thoughts, opinons and stats because you asked. If you really do have your heart set on a MacBook Pro, go try one out with Photoshop CS2 installed on it. Talk to someone at an Apple store and I'm sure they'd help you out more than we might be able to.

If you can, let me know how Canon SLR users can get full versions of Photoshop for that low price. I'm all for saving some cash.


wildwobby 02-11-2006 05:03 PM

Yes, I am definatly going to be seeing a macbook pro in action first. One of my freinds is getting one...

Thats how we get photoshop dirt cheep.

to_tough_to_die 02-11-2006 05:40 PM

I know you can still get Photoshop dirt cheap, but in your situation I would go with a MacBook Pro.

The burner is twice as fast, so even if you aren't burning dual-layer discs, it only goes at 4x, while the PowerBooks run at 8x.

The PowerBook also ships with FireWire 800 and S-Video outs. If you do eventually need FireWire 800, you will need an Express Card, which (when they come out) will probably cost nearly $100. The DVI-S-Video Adapter is $20 from Apple.

The PowerBook also has a built-in modem. While you may not think you'll need one, imagine the mother-in-laws house. She still uses AOL. Do you honestly think she'll have a wireless network or ethernet throughout the house?

Also, it's not like support will just die for the PowerBooks once software for the Intel's starts to ship. Programs will use "Universal Bianaries", which will run on both Intel and PowerPC processors.

So really, why the need for the MacBook Pro? The only advantage is Front Row (buggy) and a built-in iSight (do you really do a lot of video conferencing?).

TTheInfamous1 02-11-2006 05:46 PM

Thanks for the link but that's for Photoshop Elements. Is there one for CS2? I'd be more interested in Photoshop discounts rather than Elements. Much appreciated by the way.

I've been using Photoshop for about 4, 5 years and doing photography for 10. I had no idea they had discounts on Adobe products. I do get a small discount for being a NAPP Member. But never seen one for just being a Canon SLR/DSLR user, which is 80% of my equipment.

Good luck with the MacBook Pro. That is also going to be my next computer purchase. I'm really going to wait until I hear more about it and for later versions. Keep us posted on your findings.

Thanks again if you can provide the discount info. I however can't find any other info on the site except for the Elements link you provided.

Thanks! :)

wildwobby 02-11-2006 09:09 PM

Nope thats for CS2, it asks for the elements Serial because the SLRS come with elements.

TTheInfamous1 02-11-2006 10:48 PM


Originally Posted by wildwobby
Nope thats for CS2, it asks for the elements Serial because the SLRS come with elements.

Yea cool.. I figured it out. I have plenty of those SNs. :)

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