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    Hi all...recently brought my macbook air so I'm still learning about it all...

    I want to obviously connect my iphone/ipad to my MBA to put new music on via itunes, however it says I will lose ALL my music when I connect/ there any way of this not happening? Or a way of me putting my music on MBA off my phone/ipad?

    Complete novice here so I apolgise in advance!


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    Make sure you backup your iPhone and iPad before syncing to your new MacBook Air. After you place whatever new music and videos you have to the Air, you can restore the backup.

    Also, you can select an option in iTunes before syncing that says you wish to manually manage music and videos. In other words, do not let iTunes do the syncing. That will allow you to manually add music and videos without erasing what's there previously. However, you should always backup regardless.

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