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    Oct 21, 2013
    15in. Retina MBP (June 2012) or 13in Retina MBP with haswell
    I am looking to buy a new computer soon, and am looking to get a macbook pro with retina display. i want to spend no more that 1700 on the computer. i found a 15in retina MBP for 1599 in apples refurbished store but i was also thinking about getting the 13in with haswell thats coming soon.
    I would get the 13in with the 256gb hard drive

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    Early 2015 13"MBA 2.2GHz i7, 8GB RAM, OS X 10.11.6
    Got mine for $1200. It was a demo model. The iPads and mobile device get all the attention here in Japan and the Macs all get ignored, so it was still in pristine condition. Not a scratch on it. It's been a great machine. I actually wanted the 13", but it was the 15 that was on sale. If you can get the newer 13 for a great deal, and can wait for it, than do it...

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