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    Need help with my mac! Overheat dunno if its the graphics
    Hi, im having this huge overheating problem when playing tf2 on my mac it makes my fps go super low and i need help to fix it, it happens with every game, maybe i need to clean my dust its been like 4 years with out cleaning my fan and im worried, its a macbook late 2009 with 4g ram
    here is a pic
    soryr for the quality

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    It may be time to open it up again and blow the dust out of it. Make sure the fan is working as it should. Your FPS is not going to be that great anyway since your machine uses integrated graphics that borrows memory from the system.

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    I would open it up, blow the dust out with a can of compressed air. And if this computer of yours has Intel fans, install SMC fan control, it lets you monitor exhaust temp, and lets you change RPM. Then you just turn up the RPM up all the way when you play games. If worst comes to work, bring it in to a repair shop and get it repasted. That always works!

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