Hi all-

I have a MacBook running 10.6.8.

Lately, I've been having issues with the internet. I connected to the wireless just fine at my new school for the first month or two. Now, I'm having a lot of difficulty connecting, even though nothing has changed. At first, my internet would just be slow at school and occasionally stop, and it would work if I turned AirPort off and back on again. Now, I can't get internet at all, even though nobody else is having any issues and it is also working on my iPhone. I ran through a list of troubleshoots, and deleting my network preference list files worked- for a day. Now I'm back to no internet, and nothing I find has helped so far. I've tried creating a new account profile (didn't work), deleting the system configure preference lists (didn't work), deleting and adding the location (didn't work), restarting, turning airport on and off, regenerating my IP address, etc. etc. It will say I'm connected with full strength, but I'm not able to use anything that involves the internet.

Also, on a maybe unrelated note, my internet at home is still working with my laptop, but it is noticeably slower. I haven't tried to troubleshoot it though or restart my router or anything like that- just thought I'd mention in case it was related.

Thanks all!