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Thread: how much is my macbook pro worth?

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    how much is my macbook pro worth?
    hello, thanks for taking the time to read this

    i have a 2011 macbook pro that i am interested in selling, i would be grateful if someone could shed some light on to how much its worth.

    the problems, there are two noticeable dents the first is next the the trackpad, it is about 1cm in length but is very noticeable and the second is on the side, both are ery noticeable.

    the main problem is the backlights on the keyboard, around a year ago i spilled some milk on the keyboard and half of the backlights don't work, all the keys work fine and there is absolutely no smell its just the backlight

    there are also around 5 of the screws on the bottom missing.

    anyway thanks in advance any help,
    nathan wright

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    There is just too much which are problems or potential problems (spill) to really predict what it could be worth. Place it on eBay or Craig's list and include the information you gave here and see what you can get for it. I suspect you can get more if you sell the machine for parts.

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