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Thread: MacBook Pro Retina? Problems?

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    Question MacBook Pro Retina? Problems?
    A couple months ago I was in the market for a laptop to go through college with. PC's where not an option, and I was exclusively considering only Apple products. I new that I needed something with a lot of power, so the MacBook Air, was out of the equation. I came to the conclusion that I was going to get either a MacBook Pro, or the MBP with Retina.

    I did my research, and found out that the Retina still had problems with ghosting, aka screen burn-in reduction... i think thats what it is called.

    I new that I wanted a SSD and a good amount of RAM, but I wasn't going to drop that chunk of change on a MBPR with a possibly defective screen...

    So I got a regular i5 13" MBP with 8gb RAM, and 128gb SSD. It has the same everything as the retina counter-part, except for the screen obviously.... + The standard MBP has a disk drive. However the standard MBP does not have a HDMI port, which is the only thing that angers me, because an adapter needs to be purchased. Overall I think I made the right choice.

    My question is, for you people out there that have any Retina MBP's, are/have you guys have any problems with your computers, not only concerning the screen, but things like heat, and reliability? And do you miss not having a disk drive?


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    Hello - not sure if my information will be of any use to you? But, I purchased a MBP (13") w/ Retina display in the spring of this year (so, about 6 months old) - 8 GB RAM & 256 GB SSD - have had no problems at all and love the retina display (I have old eyes and can read the small type easily) - thus, happy @ the moment.

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    I've not heard any widespread reports of ghosting or screen burn-in. I seem to recall hearing about a bad batch of em that had this problem, but Apple's customer care took care of the issue as they usually do.

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