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Newbie9113 09-26-2013 10:14 AM

MacBook 13" early 2009 Display Issue Help!
The charger charges my battery an you can here the laptop come on an the fans come on, but when I press the power button the white light on the front end comes on goes off then continues to beep in 5 second intervals until I turn it off. I tried using force restart the light just flutters comes on then continues the beeping noise. I looked on apple support forums an looked up what the beeping codes were an it says no ram install so I check that there's a 2 gig an 1 gig ram chips installed. I pulled one out an left the 2gig in an powered on display still is off an the beeping continues as usual.

What is going on? Us these repairable? Cause I run a home studio gfx editing video an vocal recording an I need my laptop working again.:Shouting:

chscag 09-26-2013 03:15 PM

Try installing brand new memory modules. Use the same configuration in both rams slots; in other words, both modules as 2 GB each. If that doesn't work, your logic board may have died - which will sometimes also result in beeping.

Something else you might want to try... do you have your original install DVD? If you do, try booting the machine with it. That will bypass the hard drive.

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