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deltopia 09-25-2013 01:10 AM

Transferring data off MacBook Pro for non-apple computer(s)
Thank you in advance for your help. Have macbook pro w lots of files (iphone back ups, pics, articles, word files, pdfs, etc.) and need to copy these files so they can be used on windows computer(s) (one is probably an HP).
I'd like to copy the files to an external HD.
Saw on the forum for a similar question that a smart moderator advised someone to use Paragon NSFW (or something like that) for transferring files from macbook to a HP via LAN if his HP was Fat and old... FAT 32(?).
Please tell the best way for me to get these files copied to an external HD (or to another system) so that the copies are readable/writeable(editable) and the files are useable on both apple and the windows computer(s).

chscag 09-25-2013 01:46 AM

If you plan on transferring files to a Windows machine via a LAN, you don't need a special driver as the network software will take care of that. However, if you plan on transferring files from a Mac to a PC using an ethernet cable or USB, you'll need a driver in order to write to the PC. Windows PCs are formatted to NTFS which is a proprietary Microsoft file system. The driver that you will need is called Paragon NTFS and will cost $19.95. If the PC is formatted to FAT-32, no driver is needed.

lclev 09-27-2013 03:02 PM

Okay, correct me if I'm wrong but why not use an external USB hard drive, let the windows computer format it using extFAT, then plug it into the mac and copy the files to it. I do this all the time. I capture live video using the mac and edit it for TV on a windows desktop.

I have both Windows 7 & 8 computers plus my Macbook Pro running OS X 10.8.5. I have also used USB flash drives formatted extFAT and it works fine.

I have had issues with letting the Macbook format USB flash drives first but none if I use the Windows computer.

I have read several post about transfer of files and I have seen the recommendations for Paragon but if extFAT works and removes the files size issues why not.

Here is info on extFAT:
exFAT File System

Hope this helps

chscag 09-27-2013 07:12 PM

Sure, you can use exFat if you like. However, one thing you should be aware of with using any FAT file system... FAT (including FAT-32, exFAT) is a non journaled file system and subject to uncorrectable CRC errors especially when transferring large files or large amounts of data. Whereas HFS+ and NTFS are full journaled files systems giving better stability and more robust correction of CRC and other errors.

Your choice. ;)

lclev 09-27-2013 08:02 PM

True - just offering an alternative. I have had no problem using exfat but you are correct.

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