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Thread: Another Cooling Question....

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    Another Cooling Question....
    Hey guys, I have a 2012 MBr and I've been fighting with the heat. My temps SEEM fine in OSX, but then again, I never use OSX, and exclusively use *nix for school (which I disable the GT650m), and Windows 7 for gaming.

    Let first say this is a fresh Windows install.... not even flash is installed on here, just Steam, and some other games. On a cold boot, the lowest that I see is 89C across the cores, and that's also the lowest I see the GPU (exactly the same as a matter of fact). Now I use "average" games....such as Portal 2 to test my temps with, because it isn't as crazy as games like Crysis or Metro, and feel it should technically give me decent performance. I get great performance (steady 60fps on max everything), and can hit a few test chambers in the game before it starts stuttering from the heat. Running a temp log, I can see that the processor climbs to 101c pretty quick, and lingers around there...sometimes 100c...but usually 101c. The GPU hangs around 100c.

    My major solution was to open it up and clean off the poor job that Apple calls thermal grease (it was all over the place), and then I put a fresh dot of arctic silver on both, the cpu, and the gpu. The stats on the temps are actually AFTER the reapplication of the thermal compound, and now I don't know where to go, or what to look for. While I had it opened, I cleaned it out really good, and is pretty much brand-new as far as cleanliness. I'm about to mess around with a 3rd party fan control to see if maybe the thermal sensors are whacky, but if this doesn't help, should I contact Apple? I read through a lot of the other threads on here about the similar thing, and got some good ideas on what to try, but alas, I am all out of ideas.

    Anyway, thanks for any ideas, tips, or suggestions. I've never dealt with an Apple store, and the nearest one is two hours away from me, so if anyone thinks they could help, I'm all ears!

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    Is your 2012 MBPr still under warranty or extended Apple Care? Because if it is, be advised that opening it up and applying Arctic Silver thermal compound in place of the factory thermal compound may have voided your warranty. (That will be up to Apple to decide.)

    The temperatures you mentioned do seem high, however, gaming does tax the CPU and GPU driving the fans upward to higher RPMs. Since the closest Apple store is two hours away, it's probably best to call support first. If you didn't buy extended Apple Care, your free telephone support expired after 90 days. You may have to pay for the support call.

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