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    on the road internet access
    ill be on the road and understand that linking my macbook pro to my cell phone is the way to go for internet access. ive looked at plans that offer 500mb and up but i really dont know what i exactly need in speeds. ofcourse the providers are going to tell me i need which ever they can make the most money at. suggestions, just for surfing the web. best deal seems to be T-mobile. thinking them plus a iphone 5.

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    On the road, I usually just wait until Wi-Fi (usually free) is available, so have not tried any 'cellular' options, but there are basically two: 1) Tethering your phone as a 'hotspot'; or 2) Mobile MiFi base allowing a personal Wi-Fi network. As to the phone option, you are not paying for speed but for 'data', so if you're not going to do a lot of large file downloads (e.g. watching HD movies), then a less expensive plan should do (but you'll need to really keep track of 'going over').

    As to mobile MiFi, there are plenty of options including 'pay as you go' - one example HERE (not a recommendation but I've looked into one of these devices for my needs on the road) - but if that choice interests you just do some googling on MiFi - good luck and let us know your choice(s). Dave

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    think ill be going with verizon. two iphones 2.5GB for $140.00 a month. big change from my old $34.00 a month for two phones. ofcourse my currant plan doesnt have internet, but the phones work good. dont think my plan is going to work out of state for calling. in fact they said when they roll over to verizon i could keep my plan but it isnt offered any more to new customers. im told all new cell phones connect to the internet and guess all cost over $100.00 a month. another reminder of where the money is = selling some one something that requires a monthly fee. have to admit i was impressed with the iphone, seeing as the woman at verizon put it in a fish bowl filled with water then threw it across the room on a hard floor. another new thing to me is the size of mot of the new phones, bigger. way back the smaller ones were the way to go and cost more but now because of the touch screen and apps, well guess bigger is better.

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