Hey Guys,

So I am in a bit of a situation here that is leaving me scratching my head. Here is the history on the Macbook Pro.

I was given it by a friend to repair, the keyboard was faulty and the display was black. I fiddled with the display cable by re-seating it a couple times and it came back to life! However, the keyboard still needed to be replaced. I found one online, told my friend the cost and ended up losing touch with him for about a month or two. During this time, the Macbook has sat around, been moved and stored in different places and finally, it's time to pull it out and get the repairs underway.

Now, it won't boot. Nothing happens at all when the power button is pressed. I tried to reset PRAM / SMC and assuming this may not work since the keyboard is faulty. However, there is no response from the computer at all. The fan won't even spin up.

I observed something strange as well, when the magsafe connector is connected, it lights up green. The battery indicator on the computer slowly flashes green and turns off. So the magsafe says it's full and not charging but the indicator says the battery is fully drained. If I push the battery indicator button, the first green light flashes very rapidly then goes out.

I disconnected the battery, attached the power connector again, and I get the slow green flash response from the battery indicator again, but if I push the indicator button, all five green lights flash like it should, saying there is no battery.

What should my next step here be? I understand the possibility of the logic board being toast but really, it worked fine and was stored away. Why is it suddenly dead? Is it a good chance it is an SMC issue? If so, what would have caused it?