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Thread: ibook Memory Question

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    ibook Memory Question
    Ok, I have a iBook G3 500mhz (Dual USB) with 256mb of ram, I want to upgrade it, I've heard they go as high as 640mb total. How can I tell how much I can put in mine without going out and spending money on something that might not work...

    Any Ideas?

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    or if you don't want to read your full specs:

    "RAM: 64 or 128 MB of SDRAM soldered in place, expandable to 576 or 640 MB using one 1.25" 3.3V PC100 compliant SO-DIMM"

    Next, shopping link: (comparison shopping site for RAM)

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    goto You select your computer model and they tell you what memory (that they have) that will work with it.

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