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    The Apple Store Sucks
    OK so i have a 12" ibook that I bought almost a year ago. I started to notice like 2 weeks agot that the left speaker was blown, so I used my warranty and got it fixed, when i got it back in record time of 3 business days everything was fine. But after about an hour of use I began to notice that the right speaker was making an aweful CRACKLING noise, that, if I turned the volume down would not go away. So I took it back to a different apple store and got that fixed, with much fanfare as to weather or not it needed to be fixed. Now when i got it back the first time I noticed they replaced the top case and the battery, why the batter I don't know but it was new. This time I go to get my ibook and they told me I couldn't have it. But yet I got an email that said I could pick it up. Ok whatever, I demaded to have it and I took it home. When i got home I realized that unlike before this time there are deep cuts all along the sides of the outer case, and they replaced the motherboard.

    My question is, does anyone have any tricks to get these sctratches out of the top of my case? I hate them, it seems like I threw it or something and that is not the case, I am ALWAYS very gentle with it.

    thank you

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    I have no idea what this means. Is this code? Am I on tv?

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    i went threw the same issue kinda, expect I had to ship mine. Went I got it back it was scratched badly, so I called back and well kinda raised some **** at them and they said send it back and they would take care of it. So when it came back it smelt good as new, I would call apple customer service and let them know how unhappy you are and I promise they will take care of it.

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