Hi There,

Struggling to find an answer to this one. I have a 13" mid-2012 MacBook Pro, which I've maxed out with 16 GB RAM, and replaced the optical drive with a OWC data doubler to support a second 1 TB hybrid drive with.

When at home, I run the machine with a DVI based large screen out of the Thunderbolt port using a Mini Display Port to DVI adapter. What I've struggled to find an answer for is if I purchased, when they finally become available, one of the new Thunderbolt displays, would it then support daisy chaining the same mini display port adapter out of its second Thunderbolt port, or would the relatively puny Intel HD Graphics 4000 in the MBP 13" simply not have the grunt to drive these two large external displays?

I'd be quite happy if while docked I had to disable the laptop display, as long as I could drive two reasonably sized external displays, such as a Thunderbolt display and my current 22" monitor along side it.

Any advice would be much appreciated, and of course I'm going to hang out for the much anticipated new Thunderbolt display, assuming it will eventually be released by Apple at some stage.