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Decepticon_GTR 08-28-2013 07:50 PM

MBP memory/back case upgrade...???
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I can not find out which MBP I have.

For example: a1226, a1278, a1286 etc.

I am trying to buy a replacement back case and trying to find out if my MBP can take 6gb memory.

Pics of the back panel and the Hardware info are attached.


bobtomay 08-28-2013 08:08 PM

Best place to find out all types of info about a Mac is

For your specific Mac - link.
You'll find yours is a model A1260.
And max RAM is 6 GB.

Use it all the time, cause I sure don't know all that stuff.

Mactracker is an app you can get that keeps an updated database all about Macs also.

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