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    MBP wont turn on :(
    Hello all,

    Title says it all first really. Its a Mid 2011 model (I think!) and went to turn it on and theres nothing. When I plug the magsafe charger in there is also no orange or green light that comes up either, theres just nothing. The battery meter on the side is also unresponsive
    Ive tried resetting the SMC but that hasnt helped. Has anyone got any advice please? It was working yesterday.
    I also havent added any hardware to it recently either


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    I would try another MagSafe Adapter Charger first to see if perhaps the one you have has failed. Maybe you can borrow one from a friend instead of buying a new one. You could also have a dead or defective battery. If your MacBook Pro is still protected by Apple Care (assuming you purchased Apple Care), take it on in to an Apple store and let the genius bar test it for you.

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