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    protection plan about to expire
    my 3 year plan expires Sept 2. I paid $200 for it. never used it. never took it in. is there anything they do about a check up or anything that is going to make me feel like i got my money's worth ? i know a lot of places offer an annual maintenance check up.

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    Apple Care is just like any other insurance. Buying it gives you peace of mind that if anything does break, it's covered - at least for the three years of ownership. If everything is working OK, your Mac doesn't need a checkup. If it makes you feel better, take it on in to an Apple store and ask....

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    There isn't anything in the way of a rebate etc. for unused Apple Care. Sometimes I wish there were. I used to not purchase Apple Care but have for the last two Macs. Although I used Apple Care when the desktop hard drive died I could have replaced the hard drive for less than the cost of the Apple Care. Of course had the problem been logic board related that would have been a different story.
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