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    iBook Intel
    When do you think it will roll out? thinksecret predicts it will be announced by march and roll out by late march or early april. I have to go with what they say, seeing that people want their ibooks and macbook pros are really nice, but aren't really in many people's pricerange.

    I want a mac so badly though, it'll be my first. refurbished powerbooks are tempting, but they should drop the price a lot more to get rid of inventory quicker.

    I think i'll just wait though. it should pay off in the end.

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    piece of apple
    yea intel ibooks seem more tempting than a lemonde on a hot sunny day. Do you think they'll change the style or look of it, or just the inwards.

    it would be cool if they would also have a built in iSight camera, and maybe even Front Row.

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