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    new hard internal drive
    I have a 7 yo Powerbook G4. The HD died & I am looking on Ebay & other places for a replacement. The dead drive was 80GB. I would prefer to put in something larger if possible, but do not know what will work with no other modifications. Some of the drives I have seen have a different pin connection & I really don't want to mess with that.

    the computer is PBG4 15.2"/1.67GHz- 128/512MB /80GB/SD/AEX
    Serial # W85261YVSQ7

    Hard drive MK8026GAX
    HDD2191 H ZK01 T

    If anyone has any information I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, Bill

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    You need an Ultra ATA notebook drive to replace your dead drive. They're hard to find, especially large ones. Check with or maybe Other World Computing. You may be able to find something on eBay but be careful about buying a used drive.

    I had to hunt around for weeks to find an Ultra ATA replacement drive for an older Toshiba Satellite notebook. I wound up buying an 80 GB drive from a web reseller.

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    Thanks much, I know it is an old book, but it still worked before the HD died. I am thinking I will take it to my home office just for email & maybe a security camera system.

    Thanks again, Bill

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