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    put data from old mac that died onto son's macbook pro
    hi mac got coffee all over it. the store folks said the data was okay and put it in an enclosure. they said buy a new mac, too much damage. okay. i want to be sure to get the data out of the enclosure asap in case the hard drive dies.

    how do I download or transfer my files from my old 'coffee ruined' macbook pro onto my son's macbook pro until I buy a new one, and not erase his hard drive and files.

    i'm a newbie and need help.

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    First do a get info on your son's hard drive to see how much storage space is free. Then a get info on your user folder in your old drive. If there is sufficient space to take your user and leave more than 10% free you can use migration assistant to migrate your user. This is only feasible if your son's MacBook Pro is using the same version of OS X as yours or newer. If all goes well you will be able to log out of your son's account and into yours. This won't effect his account. Let us know how you get on.

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