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    2011 13" MBP 2.3ghz, 8gig ram, OS 10.8.5
    Quote Originally Posted by samsa View Post
    Good to know... I had it in my head that later white non-unibody MacBooks with the Core 2 Duo could run Lion or later.
    Later non-Unibody core 2 duo MacBooks can run Lion (OS 10.7)...starting with MacBook 2,1's with a core 2 duo cpu. You mentioned upgrading to Mountain Lion (OS 10.8) in your post above...which is what I was responding to.

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    The original early 2006 core duo (1,1) can go to snow leopard, the late 2006 (2,1) core 2 duo can go up to Lion, there were actually two generations of non-uniboy white macbook that support mountain lion, the early 2009 and mid 2009 (5,2) have nvidea 9400m making them capable. this is the case with all macs. snow leopard requires intel processors, lion requires a 64-bit processor, mountain requires certain Graphic cards

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    I still have 2 white 2008 MacBooks doing everything I ask them. Floored me when Apple, all of a sudden without warning, took them off the market.

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    Postoak: actually, they didn't. The 13" 2009 MacBook Pro is, really, a unibody MacBook. Shhhh!

    But yeah, I'm not sure why people didn't see the end of the ALL-PLASTIC MacBooks coming. Apple's very environmentally-minded, and not just lately. It was not at all surprising to me that they dumped the plastic for something recyclable. It was still a shame, though, as they'd only just gotten that plastic design perfected (LOTS of issues with the early polycarb MacBooks ... both cosmetic and otherwise).

    I still have my black one, but I'm getting ready to sell it. I personally think that, given the 3.3GB max RAM you can use in it, that Snow Leopard is the best OS for such machines. They can run Lion, but they struggle a bit on that IMO.

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    I still use my Santa Rosa white MB because I am broke and can't afford a newer one, but it still gets the job done for the things I do on a notebook.

    I did see the end coming though as chas said, there were so many issues with the plastic ones. the last Unibody ones though seemed very solid.

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