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Thread: MacBook Pro - Photoshop Performance Question

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    MacBook Pro - Photoshop Performance Question
    I currently have a quad-core iMac with 8GB RAM. This morning I purchased a MacBook Pro 15.4" with a 2.53GHz Core2Duo processor (Ebay). I'm a web and user interface designer and sometimes my iMac lags when I'm designing (it's probably because I have too much open in Photoshop). Does anyone have experience running Photoshop with these specs? I'll be running Photoshop CS6. Should my experience be OK as long as I don't load up too many PSDs?

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    It wasn't exactly clear if your question concerned the "new to you" MacBook Pro you just purchased...but logically speaking...if your technically superior iMac lags when running Photoshop (the way you have it set up)...then the lower spec'ed MacBook Pro would certainly lag as well & probably worse.

    But like you mentioned...if you are not over-loading the MacBook Pro with too much PSD's it will probably be ok...but it still won't run Photoshop like your quad-core iMac with 8 gig of ram.

    I think that you simply just have to load up Photoshop CS6...and see how it runs on the MBP. Only you can really say if it is running acceptably to you.

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