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Thread: Question about Macbook Pro

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    Question about Macbook Pro
    I am currently a PC user looking to switch to a mac and my first laptop for college and work. Im looking at getting the macbook pro due to it being the top of the line at the momment and I want it to last for a while and be able to run photoshop and the like. I know that photoshop wont run nativily for a while but from what I heard rosetta wont realy affect me in my not pro level photo editing skills. Anyways to my question, Im planning on most of the time running the Macbook Pro as a desktop replacment and I was curious as to weather or not I would need a powerbackup or UPS on it. I know that I would put a surge protector before the charger but what about powerbackup since it is a laptop. Thanks for any advice.

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    You don't need power backup (UPS) for a laptop. That's one of the uses of the battery .

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