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    Trackpad Weird Issues
    Hello again,

    I know there's a million topics on these, but here's my situation. I have a 2010 13" MBP wtih 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 250 GB HDD, Nvidia 320M, and OS X 10.7.5. Since last night, I didn't do any modifications to it whatsoever. I just put it to sleep for the night like I usually do. I wake up this morning, and it doesn't respond at all, only except a very small sliver at the top of the trackpad. I reset the PRAM and PMU, didn't help. So I shut it off completely for about 9 hours while I was out doing other things.

    I come back, boot it up, and it seemed to work fine, only until after a minute, and then it stopped working. I reset the PRAM again, and it did the same thing. It worked fine for a minute, then stopped, and now it's acting very haywire, where if I barely move like a millimeter it seems and the pointer will go across the entire screen, and it does it opposite of where my finger is going. If I move my finger to the left, the pointer goes to the right, and visa versa. And it does the same thing for vertical movement. I'm at a loss. Any fixes I can do with this (besides replacing the trackpad)? Any help is appreciated.


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    Go into Lion recovery and run Repair Disk to check out the state of your hard drive.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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